TOKYO KEIKI Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFP-20

Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter


The UFP-20 is an ergonomically advanced design that meets the next-generation standards. Flow meter measures the flow speed of a fluid by ultrasonic pulse transit time difference. It consist of a main unit and transducer set connected by dedicated cable. Transducers shall be clamped onto the outside of pipe that is filled with liquid.

The flow meter has internal battery that will permit the meter to operate without an external power source for up to 8 continuous hours.

The flow includes thickness measurement function and can effectively measure the sound velocity of fluids. The measurement data can be logged, easily transferred to computer for data analysis or print reports

Receiving-Echo Monitor Function

Visual confirmation that receiving echo is “good”

Multi-Flow Measurement Function

Easy configurable for 2-Channel or 2-Path measurement

Energy Meter Function

Energy flow rate measurements with Pt100 RTD option

USB Memory Data Transfer

Logged data and site conditions can be storaged into internal memory.