Metrel MI 3360 OmegaGT XA

New series of OmegaGT XA brings 4 models of the instrument, intended for professional use in the most demanding applications. All of them support user accounts, which means that one device can be used by several electricians. Model versions cover the following fields of testing: portable appliances, welding equipment, medical devices and professional testing of PRCD devices. All instruments have an advanced built - in user interface that enables the execution of pre - defined and user - created AUTOSEQUENCE®s. Large memory capacity ( 8 GB microSD card) enables the user long term saving and archiving of data. All the instruments are specially designed for long- term testing, since their memory structure enables simple searching through the archive of devices and quick re - execution of (periodic) tests. Great emphasis was put on support for peripheral devices such as printers and barcode or QR code scanners and RFID readers (in Bluetooth and wired versions). On top of that, all instrument versions are supported by our Metrel ES Manager PC software.

Included Accessories:

  • Standard accessories as mentioned in the datasheet