Metrel MI 3288 Earth Insulation Tester

MI 3288 Earth Insulation Tester is a portable, battery powered test instrument with excellent IP protection and designed for high altitude (300 V CAT III at 4000 m). It can measure earth resistance, specific earth resistance, earth potential, step and touch voltages, insulation resistance and continuity of protection conductors of various energetic and non - energetic objects. The MI 3288 Earth Insulation Tester also supports 4 - wire earth resistance measuring method in combination with one clamp, two clamps earth resistance measurement, 4 - wire specific earth resistance measurement and TRMS current measurement. With the option to measure earth potential, step and touch voltage it is a truly versatile tester. It can even test the breakdown voltage of overvoltage protection devices. Among supported features is also the download of saved results to a PC with the help of Metrel ES Manager PC software to the computer for evaluation and report generation after testing.

Included Accessories:

  • Standard accessories as mentioned in the datasheet