Metrel MI 3123 SMARTEC Earth / Clamp

MI 3123 SMARTEC Earth / Clamp for testing earthing resistance, main earthing of objects, resistance of individual earthing rods in large systems, lightning systems, determination of soil resistivity, designing of earthing systems. Suitable for testing on CAT IV installations.


  • Supports all types of earthing resistance measurements:
    • Standard earthing resistance measurement with spikes
    • Selective earthing resistance test with one current clamp
    • Selective (contactless) earthing resistance with two current clamps
    • Specific earth resistance measurement

    • Leakage current tests with current clamps
    • Load current tests with current clamps
    • High accuracy, very high immunity against external noise
    • Preprogrammed limits
    • PASS/FAIL evaluation of result
    • Bright GREEN/RED indicators provides visual evaluation of results
    • Suited for testing on CAT IV installations
    • Magnetic holder enables hands-free operation
    • Built in battery charger
    • Two level memory structure for saving test results and parameters
    • Basic downloading with EuroLink PRO PC SW package
    • Compatible with EuroLink PRO Plus PCSW package
    • USB and RS232 ports
    • Robust and ergonomic design