Metrel MI 3121H SMARTEC 2.5 Kv Insulation Continuity

The MI 3121H Smartec 2,5 kV Insulation / Continuity is the portable measuring instrument for complete diagnostic testing of insulation and continuity measurements. Due to insulation resistance measurement with the test voltages up to 2.5 kV (measuring range is up to 100 GΩ) and calculation of PI and DAR indexes the instrument is suited for testing insulation of cable lines, current and voltage transformers, electric motors, etc. Due to configurable limits the instrument enables PASS / FAIL evaluation of test results which is accompanied with bright green or red light of LEDs. Additional features include magnetic holder for fixing the tester on the metal surface and built - in charger. The MI 3121H is compatible with EuroLink PRO software which enables downloading and analysis of test results and creation of professional test reports.

Included Accessories:

  • Standard accessories as mentioned in the datasheet