Metrel MI 3121 SMARTEC Insulation Continuity Tester

The MI 3121 SMARTEC Insulation / Continuity is a tester for dead testing of electrical installations. With both an analogue and digital representation of the results, the instrument ensures accurate measurements up to 2000 Ω on continuity and up to 30 GΩ o n insulation function. Configurable limits enable a PASS / FAIL evaluation of test results, which is accompanied with the bright red and green indicator lights for comfortable use even in the dark conditions. The MI 3121 is equipped with a built - in charger and has a magnetic holder in order to free up hands for testing. All the results can be quickly saved on the instrument and then downloaded via the optional A 1291 EuroLink PRO or A 1290 EuroLink PRO Plus software for evaluation and professional report generation after testing. The MI 3121 SMARTEC Insulation / Continuity performs continuity, insulation AC voltage and frequency measurement tests.

Included Accessories:

  • Standard accessories as mentioned in the datasheet