Electrical Signature Analysis - ESA uses both voltage and current to evaluate the entire motor system while the motor is energized. It captures the time waveform of the motor’s voltage and current to quickly identify the faults

The Hand-held ATPOL III device is a complete Motor Analyzer (ESA) and a complete Power Quality Analyzer (PQ). In ESA mode it evaluates the condition of incoming power, the control circuit, the motor itself, and the driven load and results can be trended for Condition Based Maintenance/Predictive Maintenance purposes. When in PQ mode it can be used for energy data logging, harmonic analysis, voltage and current charting, view waveforms, waveform capture of sags and swells, transient capture and event capture.

The ATPOL III can detect fault and provide valuable information for AC induction and DC motors, generators, wound rotor motors, synchronous motors, machine tool motors, etc.

For convenient and greater operator safety ALL-SAFE PRO connection boxes are available and can be installed on Motor Control Panel so that you do not have to open the panel each time you want to test. Besides better operator safety during data collection, this will also allow the user to test large number of motors on a single day.